3-Minute Mindfulness Practice

Do you want to increase happiness and find joy daily? Mindfulness can do just that and it doesn’t cost anything. Mindfulness is the awareness of being in the present moment acknowledging feelings, emotions, and thoughts without judgment. 

Mindfulness is an evidence-based practice that anyone can do. Practicing Mindfulness can start with just a few minutes and can be practiced throughout your day. The great thing about mindfulness is that you can start with your breath which is something you need to do anyway. 

How much time is required?

Evidence states that as little as 15 minutes of practice weekly is all that is needed to feel the benefits of the practice.

Ways to practice:

Mindfulness breathing is the most basic way to start the practice. When you start I would suggest you give yourself a quiet place to try it out so you are less distracted by external stimuli. After, you can try it when you are beginning to notice shifts in your mood such as in a stressful situation or when feeling tense to help you manage the situation.

3-minute Breath Awareness

  • Close your eyes if you can, otherwise, it is okay to keep them open. Find a comfortable spot to take your first breath in for 3 seconds and as you exhale feel your body relax as you exhale for 3 seconds. 
  • Continue to take a breath in for 3 seconds and out for 3 seconds. Now just notice your body and as you continue breathing in notice where you feel the breath coming into your body for 3 seconds.
  • As you continue to focus on your breath you may have thoughts come into your mind, just acknowledge, “I’m having a thought” avoid judging or hopping on that train of thoughts. As you continue to focus on your breath if you find yourself getting distracted by your thoughts just continue to acknowledging them while you practice using kindness and refocus back to your breathing. This is normal as you begin to practice mindfulness-awareness. 
  • Continue to breathe in for 3 seconds and out for 3 seconds. Continue for 3 more minutes. Breathe in 3 seconds and out for 3 seconds. Ending with one more breathe in and out. 

Do this practice for 3-5 minutes a day to train your mind on focusing on breathing. 

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